Patrick Madigan

Patrick Madigan
Sketch made of Patrick Madigan c1890

About Patrick Madigan and Bridget Thompson

About Patrick Madigan and Bridget Thompson

Patrick Madigan and his wife were both born in Ireland. Patrick was born April 1, 1850 in Coonagh, Killeely Civil Parish, County Limerick, Ireland, the son of Patrick Madigan (c1809-1884) and Margaret Fitzgerald (c1806-1886). Bridget, known for most of her life as Bessie, was born October 8, 1852 most likely in or near Limerick City, County Limerick, Ireland, the daughter of John (Thompson) Thomas (1831-1904) and Bridget Reidy (1831-1900). They both immigrated with their families to Chicago, Patrick in 1872 and Bridget in 1866. They married at Old St. John Church in Chicago on February 24, 1878. Together, they had seven children: Mary (Mayme) (1879-1955); Ellen [Sullivan/Madigan Blog] (1880-1966); Nanette (1881-1963); Thomas (1883-1898); Patrick (Harry) (1885-1956), John (1887-1983); and, James (1890-1909). Patrick was a laborer who died January 15, 1890 when he was only 39 and just a few months before the birth of his last child. Bessie ran a grocery store while raising the seven children as a single parent. She managed to own her own home on the west side of Chicago. She died from myocarditis on December 31, 1935.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Madigan Baptismal Records, Parteen and Meelick, Co. Limerick

I was in Limerick City at the Limerick Regional Archives in 1998 with the hope of discovering information on my great grandfather Patrick Madigan's (1850-1890) family.  However, when I spoke with the Archivist, I realized there were MANY Patrick Madigans born in the area and I needed to know who his parents were to trace down the rest of the family.  The Archivist provided me with a list of all the Patrick Madigans born in Limerick for the estimated time period and who the parents of each Patrick Madigan were.

After additional research in Chicago and Salt Lake City, learning who the siblings of my Patrick Madigan were, I was able to determine from the death certificate of Michael Madigan (my great grandfather's brother) that their parents were Patrick Madigan and Margaret Fitzgerald.

I then wrote to the Limerick Regional Archives with this information and the following is the reply I received on September 10, 1999.

Click on each page of the image of the letter to enlarge.

Images courtesy: Elaine M. Beaudoin

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